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HD25 Strategy Meeting – April 12, 2024


HD25 Strategy Meeting

April 12, 2024 @ 6:30pm

See Where (below) for in-person and Zoom participation.

The proposed agenda for the April 12, 2024 meeting:

  1. 6:30-6:40 – Opening & call to order
  2. 6:41-6:50 – Senate primary SD-15
    1. Effort report – Heather Berghmans
    2. To what extent should we as a cluster get involved? Certainly 25 A, B, & D. 25C doesn’t need to do anything with the SD race until after the primaries.
    3. Within the scope of those in the cluster who want to be involved, how can they assist?
  3. 6:51-7:00 – Forums:
    1. What forums are planned?
    2. Who is sponsoring them?
    3. How can we help?
    4. Who will lead the effort to help?
    5. Who will be involved in the effort?
  4. 7:01 – 7:10 – Sourcing Volunteers
    1. How are we going to accomplish the goal of sourcing a volunteer group?  The recent ward and precinct chair training led by Marisol offered some ideas on how to source volunteers.
      1. Start with Team Builder
      2. Newsletter list
      3. HD forum attendee List
      4. Nov 2023 voter list 
      5. Young dems list from Parajon.
    2. Who will lead this effort?
    3. Who will be involved in the effort?
    4. Develop a strategy
    5. Who do we target?
    6. How do we reach them?
  5. 7:11-7:20 – Voter Registration.
    1. Who AMONGST US is VRA trained/certified?
    2. Who wants to be VRA certified?
    3. DPBC would like to have a list of known locations that have been vetted. Can we provide something in HD25 for them?
    4. Who will lead this effort?
    5. Who will be involved in the effort?
  6. 7:21-7:30 – GOTV vote efforts beyond HD 25, BC, NM…
    1. What efforts are in the works?
    2. How can we coordinate with those involved?
    3. Which campaigns can we help with, including beyond HD-25 (e.g. CD2)?
  7. 7:31-7:45 – Other business, or not

Directions to Oso Grande Tech Center:

725 6th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM

Text Paul at (207) 812-8932 when you’re at the door. 

Oso Grande Office Map

ZOOM link:

Topic: HD25 Strategy Meeting
Time: Apr 12, 2024 06:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 982 4946 2487
Passcode: 194353

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