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Delegates and Primaries

There has been an update to the pre-primary timeline

Updated Timeline

  • Fri., February 9. Last day to register to vote in the pre-primary delegate election.
  • Sun., February 11. DPBC will email registration certifications and voting PINs to those who registered after Feb 2.
  • Wed., February 14. DPBC will email electronic ballots. Voting begins.
  • Mon., February 19. Voting ends at 8 pm.
NB: Regarding the Delegate Election Ballots
Regarding ballots –
  • Wards that do not have at least two registrants will not receive a ballot, and communication to that effect will go out to participants.
  • Wards with more slots than delegate candidates, or equal to, will simply vote yes/no/decline to vote on the candidates named
  • Wards with more candidates than slots will have an Appendix A, ranked lottery style ballot, and the “magic number” of votes that will be required cannot be determined at this time – we have to wait to see how many ballots are returned. But, the number will vary by ward. This can easily be replaced by a deterministic ranked choice, but I don’t make the rules (-Panaiotis)

This page outlines the DPBC pre-primary and primary election procedure. While most of this applies to Bernalillo County in general, the tables and charts are specific to HD-25.

There are a number of steps and events that lead up to the November general election. The major event prior to the general election, besides the National Democratic Convention in Chicago, is the State Primary election.

The general process is as follows with dates further below:

  • First, you will need your voter ID to register. You can find your ID at the Secretary of State website.
  • Register to receive a ward level ballot to vote for delegates at the county Pre-Primary Convention. Registration will end February 9.
  • You may also use the registration form to indicate your interest in being a delegate by checking the appropriate box.
  • An electronic ballot will be sent to all who registered. You will vote for delegates in your ward.
  • The winning delegates will be announced and certified at the County Pre-Primary Convention.
  • These delegates will attend the State Pre-Primary Convention where they will determine who will be on the Democratic Primary ballot. They will also vote on resolutions and the party platform.

In the county-wide pre-primary election, registered Democrats in each ward will vote for their ward delegates. Each ward is allocated a state-determined number of delegates (see the table below for HD25 allocations).

WardTotal DelegatesSCCPPDA

SCC = State Central Committee

PPDA = Pre-Primary Delegate Allocation, which is the number of additional delegates that the ward may have after subtracting SCC members from the Total.

The DPBC website has a tally of how many people have registered as well as a way to look up who has registered and signed up to be on the ballot as a delegate. It will be updated every evening until registration closes.

All SCC members and ward chairs are delegates by default and are not nominated nor voted on. (All ward chairs in HD25 happen to be SCC members.) However, they must still register to vote for county level delegates in their ward. Click the button below to see who they are.

HD25 SCC members

SCC Members

These people will not be on the ward level county delegate ballot. They are automatic delegates because they are SCC members.





25A432Justin RogersPrecinct Chair
25A374Paul RoybalCCC CD1
25A377Paul SzauterWard Chair
25B411Daniel FramptonWard Chair
25C315Michele BentonPrecinct Chair
25C386Rachel ColemanWard Chair
25C387James CollieCCC CD1
25C387Manuel CrespinPrecinct Chair
25C314John DyrczPrecinct Chair
25C386Claudia KlesertPrecinct Chair
25D436PanaiotisWard Chair

To participate in the voting process

  • You must be a registered democrat as of January 10.
  • You must register to receive an electronic ballot.
  • Only the nominated delegates in your ward will be on your ballot.

The elected delegates participate in the Pre-Primary County Convention, hear candidate presentations, and select the State Pre-Primary delegates who will then attend the State Pre-Primary Convention. These delegates will then select the candidates for the State Primary ballot.

The registration form has the following fields:

  • First name, Last name
  • Voter ID
  • Address
  • Year of Birth
  • Email: Imperative that this be correct!
  • Phone Number
  • Are you a ward chair?
  • Are you an SCC member?
  • Do you want to be a delegate? If yes: choose between
    • Martin Heinrich
    • Joshua Kenderdine

After you register, you will be sent a confirmation email that you have registered.

Be aware that this notification may not get to you if you have a Comcast email address. However, it will not affect any other aspects of the voting process beyond that.

Regarding the registration process:

The registration form to request an electronic ballot will ask if you are a Ward Chair or SCC member. If so, you will not be presented with a list of primary candidates. Since Ward Chairs and SCC members are automatic delegates, they vote for candidates at the State level, after our County election.

When a person other than SCC and Ward Chair run to be a candidate for delegate, they select the candidates they intend to vote for on the registration form. This information gets published and will be available for the other voters in their ward to see. This way, the other voters can see which of the delegate candidates they are most aligned with based on their Senate, CD1, CD2 candidate selections. Voters then vote for those delegates they are most aligned with.

This year, the options are not many. Other years, there may be many statewide positions to elect and people vote for delegates in their ward based on which candidates they intend to vote for.

Useful links to other exciting places.

  • Register

    Register to participate in the pre-primary delegate process and to indicate your intention to be a delegate. The form requires your voter ID (see the next link in this list). You will also need your year of birth.

  • Secretary of State

    You can look up your voter ID on the linked site. You will need your first and last name, and date of birth.

  • DPBC Website

    Democratic Party of Bernalillo County website. Panaiotis is the current webmaster, but don't blame him for any problems.

  • Blue Review with a different take

    DPBC Blue review has a different take on the process and additional information.

  • Candidate Nominating Petitions

    New Mexico law requires candidates for some offices to collect signatures on nominating petitions in order to appear on a ballot. This website offers you the opportunity to sign a nominating petition to nominate a candidate that seeks to be placed on the ballot for a contest for which a voter is eligible to vote.

  • Statewide Convention

    This election allows wards to choose who will represent them at the statewide convention in March. This link takes you to a document detailing the convention.


    Home page of this website

Below is a recap and timeline for the process:

  • Jan 27 - Feb 9: Register to Receive a Ballot

    During this period of time, registered Bernalillo County Democrats will register to receive a ballot for the Pre-Primary delegate election. They may also indicate their interest in being a state primary delegate.

  • Feb 14-19: Pre-Primary County Election

    Those who register will receive an email with a link to their ballot on the 14th. This will enable them to vote by electronic ballot for ward level delegates. Ballots will list only the nominated delegates from each ward.

  • Sat, Feb 24: DPBC Pre-Primary County Convention

    The winning delegates will attend, in-person or remotely, the DPBC Pre-Primary County Convention where they will hear speeches by candidates and participate in the selection process for delegates to the state pre-primary convention.

  • Sat, Mar 9: Statewide Pre-Primary Convention

    The statewide pre-primary convention determines which Democratic candidates will appear on the primary ballot and the order in which they will appear. Candidates vying to be in the June 4 Democratic primary must receive at least 20% of the delegate votes to be placed on the primary ballot. This event will be held online only.

  • Tue, June 4: New Mexico Primary Election

    The winner of the primary election goes on to November general election ballot as the Democratic Party nominee from New Mexico.

  • Date unknwn: NM Post-Primary

    New Mexico Democrats vote on candidates running to be our national delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Those national delegates will then affirm the results of New Mexico’s Presidential primary to the national party.

  • Aug 19-22: Democratic National Convention

    2024 Democratic National Convention. United Center in Chicago, Illinois

  • Tue, Nov 5: General Election

    Let's make a difference!

It takes 20% of the delegate vote to get on the primary ballot. However, there is also a clause that indicates the possibility of getting on the ballot just with signatures. At this time, we do not know what the basis is for how many signatures are needed.
The advantage to having delegate votes instead of just signatures, is that they almost act as an endorsement from grassroots Democrats, through a Democratic process.