Continental Drift Derivatives

This is a series of pieces derived from the first one, a short multi-movement piano piece I wrote for my nephew Anthony.


Psalm 57 for brass quintet and organ is the first derivative of Continental Drift, which includes expanded versions of Lava Lake and Glaciers.

It was premiered at the First Congregational Church of Winter Park, Florida.

This was later expanded further and scored for brass ensemble and organ. It was renamed Journey to Avalon and includes a fanfare of sorts.

Psalm 57

Journey to Avalon for Wind Ensemble and Percussion (1998)

This is an expanded version of the Journey to Avalon for Brass Ensemble and Organ derivative, which also includes the fanfare. It is scored for symphonic wind ensemble and percussion. It was premiered at Stetson University. This recording is a synthesized rendering.

This derivative closely resembles the original Continental Drift. Scored for various piano trios by request of La Jolla Conservatory of Music. It follows the same multi-piece structure with a few exceptions as you can see from the movement titles. The recording here is a synthesized rendering. The score is available by request.