French Horn Studies & Etudes

Because the french horn has a much wider range than most other brass instruments, etudes and songs referenced on this page can be augmented by exploring the low brass and the trumpet pages.

Many of the links on this page actually reference documents that were originally created for trumpet.

It is important that students warm up (at least 15 minutes) before their lesson.

Please also be sure the instrument is properly oiled so we don’t lose time getting the instrument to work properly.

Students should have a three-ring binder devoted to the material they will use in their studies and are expected to bring it to their lessons.

These are used to keep track of daily practice and specify weekly assignments. Students should have a blank one available for every lesson. These are double sided PDFs, so if you print double-sided, one page will work for two lessons.

Lesson Cancellations and Makeups

There are two sets of fingering charts: one for the single horn in F and one for the double horn in F with B♭ extension.

  • French Horn fingering chart (single horn)

    The first page shows the preferred fingering. The second page shows the complete fingering with alternates. These charts differ from most published fingering charts in important ways.

  • Double French Horn fingering chart

    This has charts for horn in F and extended horn in B♭ with preferred and alternates. The last two pages combine the F and B♭ fingering charts.

  • Harmonic Series

    This page is used as a warm-up and lip-building exercise. It is not essential that this be printed out since the fingering charts are laid out to show the harmonic series.

  • Video: How to Hold the French Horn

    This video demonstrates how to hold the french horn.

Basic Scales
  • Thrills of Trills

    These explore all possible combinations between two fingering valve positions.

  • Scale Etudes

    All twelve major scales and some alternates are systematically explored in these etudes. Print these double-sided. Each scale is 4 pages ( 2 sheets double-sided).

  • Major Scales

    12 Major scales in Circle of Fifths order.

  • Scale Practice

    Spreadsheet PDF self-study schedule for learning the Scale Etudes

Technical Etude from some collection of etudes.

Audio no ornaments
Audio with ornaments

Technical Etude from some collection of etudes. This is transposed to a lower key than the original.