Vocal Works


The text for these two works are excerpts from Song of Solomon.


The two songs were originally composed in 4/4 as the processional and recessional for my wedding and performed by the Cary Concert Singers (Cary, North Carolina). After the wedding I went back to finalize the score and discovered that, while they were barred in 4/4, they were not composed in 4/4, so I re-barred the music to reflect the actual meter.

Two Songs from Song of Solomon

This recording is a performance by a pick-up group that I occasionally put together (The Vocables) to do various pieces, including When All Paths Are Peace.

Arise my love

This recording is arranged for chamber ensemble without voice.

Set me as a seal

Two More Songs


The melody of this piece is from a collection of English tunes called Piae Cantiones (1582). I have arranged an assortment of spring-tide and Christmas-tide settings.


This recording is a performance by the Bach Festival Chorus of Winter Park with brass ensemble. The text for this arrangement is a Christmas setting.


Arrangements are available upon request.


This reference can also be found in the Arrangements section.

O'er the Hill & Vale


This is a parody of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. Text by Michele Spiro. Chamber duet for soprano and baritone.

Not Liz-I-Is