Golden Proportions Works

These works are structured on nested golden proportions and their inversions.

About 𝛗 - the Golden Proportion


This work is my first use of the golden proportion and Fibonacci series to structure the music rhythm, meter, and tempi.

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Whatever happened to this piece?


This is a hybrid piece in which Part 1 is scored for trumpet and piano. Parts 2 & 3 can be performed with trumpet and piano, but the preferred accompaniment is synthesized.

This is a studio recording with Chris Dolske, trumpet. Part 1 is a live recording with piano. Parts 2 & 3 use synthesized accompaniment.

2024 – This is a synthesized recording.

Golden Proportions #4


These Five Meditations were originally for organ but then scored for chamber ensemble as part of a performance art work with cell phones. The recordings here are set without the cell phone component.


Six (okay, seven) one-minute piano pieces. There were originally six. For reasons I have forgotten, I added Octatonic Express after the fact.


When All Paths are Peace was written in response to the 911 terrorist attack. The opening text is Donna Nobis Pacem. Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis phonetically backwards, representing the antithesis of peace.

It was premiered by my Orlando group The Vocables at a World Trade Organization convention in Orlando, Florida. We were then invited to perform it at Orlando City Hall. It was also performed in Santa Fe by the Santa Fe Desert Choral.

The performance recording is a studio recording by The Vocables.

When All Paths are Peace


This orchestra and electronics piece depicts the journey of a solar flare from the sun to the earth. It was commissioned by the Santa Fe Community Orchestra. The premier was conducted by Oliver Prezant. This is a simulated rendering of the piece. The score is available upon request.

Northern Lights


Music for a 360 Full Dome film by Hue Walker.

Derivation of Chaos


Chamber Ensemble composition commissioned and premiered by the La Jolla Conservatory of Music. This recording is a synthesized rendering.

Golden Age


For the 2013 John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium I was commissioned to compose a tribute to Igor Stravinsky to be performed at the symposium. My inspiration came from Le Sacre du Printemps.

Golden Spring